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What is a medical simulation?
  • “ To err is Human”, a report released by the Institute of Medicine estimated that medical errors cause injury to approximately 3% of hospital patients
  • Medical simulation improves patient’s safety

No, however several medical schools organize simulation workshops with different levels of difficulties.

Reasons for building a simulation-learning center are:

  • Growth in medical knowledge
  • Changes in medical education
  • Improved realism of simulation devices
  • Students are now more comfortable with technology
  • Effectiveness as a teaching tool
  • Patient availability
  • Student availability
  • Ability to standardize and replicate
  • Patient safety

Honoris Medical Simulation Center, opened in November 2018, provides continuing  training for Healthcare givers based on scenarios through the use of simulators (low and high fidelity).

  • Nurses, Medical students, Resident physicians, Practicing physicians
  • Managers, Clerks, Technicians, Legislators/regulators, Multidisciplinary healthcare teams

NO, medical simulation does not replace clinical training. However, it prepares learners to be more efficient when they have to treat patients.

Accreditation is the act of recognition of an educational institution that maintains suitable standards.

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