Le rôle de l’intelligence artificielle dans l’innovation pédagogique

Utilisation de l’intelligence artificielle dans l’amélioration du message pédagogique des formateurs à l’Université Centrale du Groupe Honoris United Universities en Tunisie


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History of Medical Simulation

Habib Ben Ahmed, Chadli Dziri

La Tunisie Médicale - 2020; Vol 98 (n°012): 892-894 (French)

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1.Dziri C, Dougaz W, Khalfallah M, Samaali I, Nouira R, Fingerhut A; Co-investigators. Omentoplasty decreases deep organ space surgical site infectioncompared with external tube drainage after conservative surgery for hepaticcysti

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Clinical Research Training

Eshmoun-Clinical Research is committed to the implementation of a continuing training strategy dedicated to Clinical Research professions in partnership with the Medical Simulation Center. The training program is accreditated by 

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Honoris United Universities develops 3D-printed respirator in support of global efforts to combat COVID-19

The Honoris Medical Simulation Center played a critical role in a project led by polytech school of “Université Centrale” in Tunisia, both are members of Honoris United Universities. These two institutions support the global

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