Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the development of burnout syndrome in healthcare providers: prevalence and predictive factors

Asma Jouini, Amel Mokline, Hager Sabta, Ichrak Smadhi, Maamoun Ben Cheikh, Chadli Dziri

3rd Maghreb Congress of senior technicians in anesthesia and intensive care - Hammamet

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Peripheral Venous Line Placement “Procedural Simulation vs. Standardized Patient” : Randomized Trial

The placement of a peripheral venous line (PVL) is a procedure that all healthcare providers must be able to perform because it is the first procedure performed for any patient admitted to the hospital.

Procedural s

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Graduation Project : Simulation in Health Science: How simulation can change the way I learn?

Health training, whether medical or paramedical is becoming more and more complex. In addition to the theoretical training, there is practical training at the patient's bedside. This approach has worked for more than a century, bu

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Les premières Assises de la Francophonie scientifique le 22 Septembre 2021 à Bucarest “Le rôle de l’intelligence artificielle dans l’innovation pédagogique

Utilisation de l’intelligence artificielle dans l’amélioration du message pédagogique des formateurs à l’Université Centrale du Groupe Honoris United Universities en Tunisie


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History of Medical Simulation

Habib Ben Ahmed, Chadli Dziri

La Tunisie Médicale - 2020; Vol 98 (n°012): 892-894 (French)

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Books and monographs


1 :  Lorenz W, Mc Kneally M.F, Troidl H, Banerjee J.K, Benbassat J, DZIRI C, Fagniez P.L, Little J.M, Wong J, Wulff H.R – Surgical Research around the world

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1. Slim,F. Badon,C.H. Vacheron,B.V. Occean,C. Dziri,C. Chambrier Umbrella review of the efficacy of perioperative immunonutriti

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Clinical Research Training

Eshmoun-Clinical Research is committed to the implementation of a continuing training strategy dedicated to Clinical Research professions in partnership with the Medical Simulation Center. The training program is accreditated by 

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Honoris United Universities develops 3D-printed respirator in support of global efforts to combat COVID-19

The Honoris Medical Simulation Center played a critical role in a project led by polytech school of “Université Centrale” in Tunisia, both are members of Honoris United Universities. These two institutions support the global

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